Monday, May 18, 2020

Been Away

Thank all of you for posting during my absence from the computer.

I will be away from the computer for the next week or two. The good news is that Becky's' husband has been called back to work. The bad news is that they, mom and dad, needed help with home schooling. Leaving John to his own devices I drove to Becky's home in order play grand mother and teacher's helper.

Hope to be back when this is is all over.

Love you all,



Carlondrin said...

Ms. Kathy,

Thank you for the update. I appreciate the interaction between Femdom and everyday (or not so everyday) vanilla life, so I appreciate updates like these that help keep in perspective the Femdom aspects that we are all interested in. I hope that everything continues to go well with you and your family as we begin recovering from the pandemic.

tiptease said...

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for letting us know, wish you all the best and hope you return with some post about Becky's female led marriage,

love Tiptease

Anonymous said...

Have fun with the Grandchildren. Leave lots of chores for John. I'm sure by now he knows that 98% of Wife Led Marriage is marriage, the wife led part is just a thin coating of frosting. Stay safe- Alan.

Anonymous said...

Mistress Kathy

Have fun being grand mother.
Look forward to your return..

Anonymous said...

Mistress Kathy

I awoke worried about John!

"leaving john to his own devises"

Should the neighbor not look in on him?
Should he not have chores?
What will he do for weeks without guidance?

The poor man is likely to get in trouble


Anonymous said...

Hi all of you out there! We feel you are kind of like family even if we are scattered around the world. Kathy and John are loved by us. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to be ?Mistress Di. NZ