Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Notebook

Once again thank all of you for the comments.

In most ways I am still having trouble getting my 'act' together as far as the blog goes.

Not all men are submissive. However, my guess is that there is a fairly large percentage of men who would be happier, more content with life if they lived under the authority of a mistress wife. The idea that some men find satisfaction by serving a woman and doing as she tells them is still difficult for many people to understand. Yet, the empirical evidence suggest that many men do want to live their lives under female control. I have long since given up trying to understand the why of this phenomena, but believe it is real.

In my own family there are two very lovely, sweet submissive men. As most of you know both my husband and my daughter's husband fall into this category. As both a wife and a mother there is nothing wrong with having such a man in your life. Yet, time after time women seem to walk away as soon as they see the submissive label tattooed upon a man.  Why I ask my self. What is so wrong with a man who is willing to serve, who is willing to make a woman's life better. What is so wrong with taking the time and the energy to develop the submissive side of a man so that he can become a better, more perfect version of himself.

For most of her life Becky has been more of the student in our mother/daughter relationship. Now I find that the shoe is on the other foot. This past summer we spent a large amount of time together in her home-where she is mistress. We still talk, she still ask questions, but more and more she has become the teacher. For one thing she has become more of a disciplinarian then I have ever been.
Where I have stayed away from spanking she willingly incorporates it into the structure of her relationship. She is not reluctant to use the bristle side of the hairbrush to let her husband know when he is out of line. And, the interesting aspect of their relationship is that her husband appreciates her efforts.

When we talked about discipline her response was simply that most men respect a woman who is willing to punish them. A painful spanking, followed by corner time and a lecture, is a way of letting a man know who is in charge she tells me.. David, may not like the spanking, yet it serves a useful purpose in their marriage. David, she says to me tends to become cranky and pouty when he goes too long without a punishment of some type. As she put it to me punishment when needed is a part of developing the submissive part of his personality. Developing the submissive side of David's personality is a responsibility she takes seriously. Why, because that is what he needs to become a better husband and a better father. She is a mother to her children and a mistress to her husband.

Does it ever happen that her roles as mistress and mother sometimes become a little mixed up, I asked. Very seldom, she responded. She was very firm that she wants David as a husband not a child.
She expects him to be a father to their children, a good role model, and her right arm in helping to manage the household. She went on to say that many of her friends have husbands who do nothing around the house except watch sports on the television. She then gave me a little smile. David, like daddy is not allowed to turn on the television without permission she said. Becky may have learned this rule from me, but in many other ways she is more advanced than I have ever been.

Over the next week or so I will try to continue with this posting. Yet, I wonder how many of you see yourself as kind of a David. For those of you who actually live under the authority of a wife or girlfriend does it make you happier? Does it make you more productive as a person? As femdom been a positive in your life? Please let me hear from you on this topic. Although they seldom comment there many women who follow this blog, and they are looking for the answers to these questions.

Love you for reading. Love you even more for sharing,