Friday, July 3, 2020

Happy July 4th

This is not really a post as much as it is a simple hello.

As many of you may have guessed I have been away from the blog. Several weeks ago John was asked by his former employer if he would like to return to work on a temporary basis. He asked my permission, and I gave it to him. In many ways retirement has been good, but he misses the routine of working. He misses the contact with coworkers and the everyday challenges that come with being my submissive are not enough to keep him active.

In some ways we have gone back to our old roles as they were before discovering John's submissive needs were discovered. With him working and me having more free time I have going back to doing house work and taking care of the garden. I was never made to be a princess or queen. I like doing things. I like being active and taking care of what needs to be done. Every evening John and I still have our special time to talk where upon he kneels and I sit in a comfortable chair. One of the things that I am convinced of it that it is good for a man to kneel before his wife as least once in every day. Some women hate the  idea of their husband addressing them as mistress instead of by their first name. Yet, I have never tired of being John's mistress and being addressed as such. Even when he accidently uses the mistress word in front of friends or family I take it as a mark of respect.

Thank all of you for the comments. At some point in the not to distant future the blog will become more active again, but for the moment I am not into it. In another sense my belief that femdom blogs should be done by younger women who are more active with families reminds me that my personal beliefs may be out of season. If there is a message in Femdom 101 it is about encouraging younger women to take the lead in their relationships. Men, even strong men, need the authority of a capable-confident woman in their life.

One thought I would like to add to this July 4th post is the importance of confidence. If they want to most women have the ability to lead. The issue for most of them is self confidence. There were a couple of recent postings dealing with this issue. There is also a very short story about a young lady-a college student who wrote to me during the winter. Carol, along with neighbors is expecting me for coffee and specially made biscuits in a few minutes so it is time for me to go. Some time next week I hope to share that short story with you and talk about the comments.

Until then please remember that I love you all. I love you not just for reading, but for having the courage to surrender the traditional manly armor of control to the love and authority of your wives.
This allow you to be more sensitive, more loving and more caring and essentially better husbands and fathers. Once again I would use the term 'new age male', but perhaps that expression has ben over worked on this blog. So be good boys on this fourth. Serve as best you can and as well as you can be the manly pillar of strength that your wives deserve.

Love, Kathy