Tuesday, June 5, 2018

All For Love

This will be my last posting for several weeks.

This is the time of year when John and I go traveling. A part of the plan is to spend some quality time with both out children, and once again become acquainted with our grand children. Beyond that we expect to drive through many-many American states, and at least a couple of Canadian provinces. We are both looking forward to the freedom that comes with the open road. We may also do some camping in the Canadian Rockies.

Being your husband's mistress may not be something that most women aspire to, but for me it is a very satisfying experience that I have come to appreciate. Yes, there is the freedom that comes from being your own woman; from not having to answer to anyone. From time to time it is fun to remind your guy that he answers to you, not you to him. It is also a special treat to know that he appreciates being your submissive, doing as told when and how he is told. As Key mentions in his book he learns to do things Her way, and Her way intrinsically becomes his way. If you want to take a job you take it. If you want to quit the job you quit. The simple truth is that I have come to like being in control of my own destiny. Truthfully, a husband has no need to know how much money you have in the bank, or how you  decide to spend it. And, he is best taught that this is none of his business unless you want him to know, and there are times when I do.

As for John he may not always like doing what he is told, but he does like the idea of having a mistress wife who more or less directs things. This past Saturday night we booked a table at a nice restaurant.  The decision for him to dress up in a  spot coat with a tie was mine. When he started to complain about wearing the tie, I gave him the look that  reminded him of who is the boss and of who is the submissive. There was then a 'yes ma'am' accompanied by a little curtsy that told me that he received the message. And yes, I like to be with men who are well dressed. Dressing up nicely for a dinner or any type of outing is a way for a man to show respect for his lady. Even as a teenager I liked boys in suits. Once a boy picked me up for a date wearing a very nice coat and tie. In the car I gave him a  little  peck of a kiss. 'What is that for', he asked. For dressing up so nicely', I responded. Yes, even back then I liked the idea that he was dressing up for me. And yes, if anyone wants to know I select all of John's clothes.

But, to truly understand the femdom experience, and what it means to a woman you have go beyond the idea of having a man submit to your authority. You need to go beyond the idea of having a man in your service. To understand femdom from a female prospective you need to appreciate the intimacy that comes with the femdom experience. 'Tell me what you are thinking', I say to John. Yes, tell me what you are thinking about this minute', I will repeat to him. And yes, our relatisnhip is such as he will honestly and clearly tell me what he is thinking. A little while back we were out with another couple who are in a female directed relationship. A very young, pretty, and shapely girl walked
by with her date. Like most well behaved men John understood to turn his head away from her. 'Would you like to look at her', I asked. 'Yes', was his honest reply. 'Well, you may look for a moment or two, but no staring' I told him. The other lady- my friend- told her guy he couldn't look.
'You are so liberal with him', my friend remarked. All four of us shared a laugh, but I did notice that
the other gentlemen kept his head down.' Some of you may remember Liz from the early part of the blog. She was a mentor to me, and to this day remains so.

Most of you have heard the expression two hearts beating as one. In a way this is femdom. A uniquely personal relationship with another individual based on love and caring. In a sense a wife brings hippieness to a man by completing him, by making him into whole person. A mistress wife understands that in the absence of female authority a man is not complete. Like mosses in the desert some men will wonder for years looking for that perfect person who will complete his life. While they may not realize it many of these men are looking for women who have the inner strength to lead them to the promised land.  In a real sense these men are looking for the woman who has the mental strength to place a collar and leash around their neck, clamp it closed, and claim them as a the most personal of their processions.

Love, Kathy