Friday, January 18, 2019

Dancing Backwards.

This morning I was up early.  For some reason I just couldn't sleep. With nothing on the agenda it was a good time for me to review emails. There was one there from Thomas Lavelle that had been lurking in my inbox for several days. Although I have not yet read book two or three of his series, I have read a number of his writings. He is one of my favorite authors. Not so much for what he says, but for the way he makes me feel. More than many other authors Thomas seems to understand the dynamics of femdom relationships. Dancing Backwards, book three, is a work of fiction. Yet,  John tells me that the book contains what he calls a lot of truisms. Yes, he tells me that while the book exaggerates it does carry a kind of message that resonates with him.

As a very submissive man John tells me he can identify with the primary male character by the name of Chris. In the book Chris is Kelly's slave.  In much of the same way John thinks of himself as my slave, and indeed that is a reasonable description of our relationship. As I write this posting john is busying himself with laundry and house hold duties that have been assigned to him. And, he is well aware that I as his mistress will do a through inspection of his work. At the end of the day John understands that his only reward for doing a great job of cleaning will be a 'good boy', or maybe the privilege of worshiping my feet. Yet, this is all of the reward that a truly submissive man yeans for. John, like the fictional character in the book takes a very special joy in service to his mistress.

'What did you like about the book', I asked john. 'Well, he said it was a good story'. He went on to tell me that there was a real plot with twist and turns that could be made into a Hollywood movie. Just when you thought the book would be ending the script would change. He went on to say that the primary female character was over the top in a lot of ways, but in many other ways she was real. In which ways I asked. For one thing the book showed that Kelly truly loved her male slave.
She may have abused him in way that a real mistress wife would not have, but it made for fun reading he told me.  In the end  you could feel her love for Chris as well as Chris's absolute devotion to her.  This was an aspect of the book that John really liked. Yes, my baby has his softer side.

One of the questions I asked John was about Kelly. Did she remind him of any real woman he knows. In some ways I expected him to respond that Kelly reminded him of a younger version of me. Instead, he responded that Kelly reminded him of our daughter, Becky. 'Why, how, in what way' I asked with a surprise look. In the book male characters were generally expected to curtsy to the women. He related a story of a few years back to shed some light on what he was thinking. We were visiting Becky's home. We had finished dinner. John told me that he and David were in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes and such. But, they were talking as 'boys' often do when the women are not present. As he put it they were taking their time.  Becky came into the kitchen with a stern look on her face. She told us to quickly finish up as it was time to put the children to bed.  Both David and I responded with a quick curtsy and a 'yes ma'am' John told me. It was apparently one the first times Becky felt confident enough to give John an instruction, and it made the curtsy seem so natural.

How many of you have gotten into the book? Any thoughts?
Love, Kathy

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dancing Backwards

Yes, I just the other day received an email from Thomas Lavelle.

For those of you who do not remember he was the author of the original novel by the name of
Dancing Backwards. He has now completed a three book series by the same name.

Several months ago we had  very good discussion related to another book. It is my hope that a few of you will read the series and advice me on whether this might be a good book for us to talk about on the blog.

The criteria I use.

Must be about femdom.
It must make you think about the lifestyle.
It must not all be about sex. A little about sex is ok.
Very little about spanking.
It must be interesting and fun to read.

Please let me know.

Love, Kathy

Friday, January 4, 2019

Good Morning All

Those of you who are looking for profound thoughts this morning will be disappointed.

Opening the computer this morning I was very pleased with the comments. For the mot part I agree with them. What was interesting is that the comments more or less touched on evolution.

In the past we have talked about the what is called the new age male. But, what does that mean.
I am not exactly sure, but my suspicion is that he is more loving and more gentle than his grandfather.
He takes pride in pleasing the lady in his life. And, by pleasing we are not necessarily talking about sexual issues as much as doing a good job on the laundry or of cleaning her house, and maybe taking care of her car. He may not only bring her flowers, but hopes that she gives him flowers for a special occasion.

It would please me to know who is reading the blog at this moment. If you are looking at the computer as this is posted take a moment to post or email to If nothing else just to say good morning and tell me what you are doing today. And it you have a moment tell me, would you like your wife to give you flowers? One of my girlfriends sent flowers to her husband at work. He loved them.

Love, Kathy

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Some Thoughts on the First Day Of The New Year

Good morning to all of you.

There are so many good things to talk about that it is bringing me back to the computer. However, in truth the summer of 2018 was my time to detox from everything electronic. A recent comment was related to the fact that I no longer comment on the comments. The reason is that it takes so much time. However, commenting on the comments is a wonderful way to stimulate discussion, and that is what this blog is all about.  For some of you, the early readers, this blog was your introduction to the world of female led relationships.

On the Today show this morning there was an interesting segment dedicated to female leaders. It was on my office television this morning when John brought in my first cup of coffee. How many of those women are also mistresses to their husbands I wondered out loud to my sweetie. Knowing he would like to watch the segment I had him sit on the floor  next to my desk We  had a little discussion as it was going on. I jokingly made the statement that he could have lived with any of those women as his mistress. Yes, it was a joke, but with more than just a little bit of truth to it.

Last night we had a few neighbors over for cocktails and a snacks. Most of the guys wanted to watch the football game, and that was fine. We chatted, we laughed and had a good time. For most of us the little gathering marked the official end of this holiday season. As I prepare this posting John is busy with the clean up work. Like Miss Tina's husband John has developed the skill set to be a very good maid. He blushes when I tell him that in front of Carol. Men are so cute when they blush.

One of the other commenters suggested that I should look at the Think Tank blog this morning as there were some interesting post on it. There were several new post from guest authors, and I enjoyed reading all of them. My one concern was related to one of the post that clearly stated that men should be considered as inferior to women. That concert bothered me  more than just a little as I do not think that is the direction for femdom writers to take. Just because one person is in charge of another person does not make either one  inferior to the other. My Husband is one of the smartest people I have ever met. As an engineer he has built amazing structures, and has a grasp of the world that most political leaders with envy. He is smart, he is creative, and above all he had the good sense to marry me.  Just teasing, but yes may there is some truth in that statement.

In a more pluralistic society where there are many viable choices of lifestyle femdom is gaining traction. Will it ever become socially acceptable in the same way as other alternate lifestyle choices? I am not sure, but my suspicion is that men are starting to talk about femdom with other men.  John's golf partner is a good example. It started last year some time. Some of you may remember the posting. As part of a punishment  I forbid John from playing golf on this one occasion. However, the bigger part of the punishment for him was to tell his friend that he couldn't play because I would not give him permission. It hurt to tell his friend that, I know, and that is why he was made to say it.

Sometimes things work out in  different way. When he next played golf his friend  brought up the subject in a delicate way. While I don't know much aobut the discussion John's golfing friend was asking some interesting questions. And, as John tells me, he admitted to his friend I am in fact his mistress as well as his wife. In some ways Johns tells me that his friend is envious as well as simply interested.

Love you all for reading. Love your selves for who you are and for all of the blessing God has given to you.