Monday, January 29, 2018

Shades of Pink by Mistress April Reyne

The link to this book came to me from Becky. A friend sent it to her.

As most of you know I generally find these so called femdom books boring and repetitive. Why men like to read them I have no idea. Shades of Pink by April Reyne is different. Yes, there was sex in it, but there was more. The book was also about commitment and trust between two people whose characters were very well developed by the author. For that reason it was a pleasure to read.

The book emphasized the use of male chastity devices as tools for developing a successful a female led marriage. I have often said that male chastity tools may not be a necessity for developing a femdom relationship, but they can certainly speed things along. There has never been any doubt in my mind that 'locking' dramatically changes a man's out look on life. It changes what he thinks about. It affects what is important to him. And, from what I have been told what is most important to the locked male is the happiness of his key holder.

Mistress Reyne seems to recognize the idea that 'locking' causes a man to become extremely attentive to the woman who controls the key. She also seems to understand the psychological reasons why a man would consent to being locked, and even why some men would request a wife to do so. From the book it was not entirely clear that April Reyne was in fact mistress to her husband. However, based on what I read my guess is that she has had real world experience of managing men, and that the mistress title is justified.

Anyway, I hope that each and everyone of you read the book, and enjoy it as much as I have.

Love, Kathy

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Me Too Movement

Over the last couple of months there have been so many wonderful emails from the readers of the blog. Not being active on the blog has provided me with the time to connect with many of you on an individual basis, and it has been good experience for me. And, what I can see is that many of you are suffering. Your need for a confident lady who can take control of your life and guide you to the reality of  femdom life is real. I wish that it would be possible for me to take each and every one of you by the hand and say that it will all be fine. There are some of you who are struggling to find meaning in your lives. The type of meaning that only comes from service to a loving mistress who owns the keys to your heart. My only regret is that I can not be that mistress, but my feeling is that she is out there somewhere.

Like most other people I have been fascinated with the 'me to movement.' As a young woman, many years ago, in a male dominated field there were instances of harassment. As a young accountant in public practice you are required to visit clients. We would generally travel in teams of two or three. There would sometimes be overnight travel, and this is where the problems  generally occured.
After a long day of reviewing spread sheets and reconciling numbers there was always a need for a cocktail. We usually worked until late in the afternoon, and then headed for the hotel bar. If not for the evening drink we probably would have going crazy.

With everyone being on an expense account we generally found a nice restaurant for dinner. It was after dinner that the problems would develop. Not with all of the men, but with a couple of them. It would start with a flirtatious smile or look or even a hand discreetly placed on your leg under the table cloth. Women who have been in business with men know and understand what it is I am talking about. Most of us have experienced this type thing, and for our generation it was just part of working in a male dominated field. It was something we were taught to accept. To keep from offending the men we practiced ways of saying no with a smile. This was especially true when the gentlemen who strategically placed his hand on your leg was also responsible for writing an evaluation report of your performance. As women in business we were powerless.

In a way the so called 'me too 'movement has disrupted my thinking regarding the blog. As all of you know the blog is centered on the home and family. It is about female authority in the home, not the work place. It has always been my thinking that femdom marriage would be the next frontier. Think about it for a few moments. In the 1920s women were first allowed the right to vote. In the 1960s or 70s most minority groups gained legal protection. And finally homosexuality has become legal as well as socially acceptable.  What is left is femdom marriage and the world of men who are submissive to women. While this is legal it is not yet socially acceptable.

In a sense the speed and broad social support associated with the me too movement has brought it front and center of the national debate. No, I take  that statement back. Regarding the me too movement there is no debate. Men who have abused women or who have been accused of abusing women are punished. They are fired from their jobs. They are ridiculed and scorned by a society that only a few years back had no interest in the claims made by these women. The me too philosophy has eclipsed femdom as a social movement.  Along with the me too movement most large corporations are searching for women to replace men on their boards of directors. A major  morning talk show is now cohosted by women. On that show there are women talking with each other. There is no longer a need or a place for a male voice except as filler. It all reminds me of the lyrics of the song, 'I am woman hear me roar'. This time, however, the roar is real and it is loud.

Becky works for a fairly large national company. While they are not looking to promote less qualified women over males, they say, they are actively looking for more female leadership in most management positions. 'How do the men feel about that', I asked her. 'Most of them don't like it' she replied, but they have little choice if they want to stay with the company. She has also noticed a change in the demeanor of the men. Some of them who have a reputation for being kind of flirty have become less so, she told me. There is a growing sense among her female coworkers that the men no longer know how to act. Any thing they do, she tells me, can be interpreted in a negative way. There is a salesmen who would some times give her a hug. No more she tells me. And yes, she misses the hugs and some of the jokes that would make the work day go a little faster.

Sometime during the last week or two I read an on line article that said we are moving toward a puritanical society. Men and women are different, and it is those differences that add color and excitement to our lives. Yes, and at my age I sometimes wish a man would pinch my rear end. It would probably be the highlight of my week. Just teasing, but there is some truth in that statement.
My feeling is that we are moving toward a color blind society where there is a rule or social protocol for every situation. And, instead of being judged by the whole of what we are or the what we have accomplished, we are judged by any random headline that happen to have our picture on it. Men are afraid. In today's work culture women have the power. As they are promoted over male counterparts they will also have the authority. The men who will be successful in this new environment are those who have learned to be pleasing to the women around them.

An unintended consequence of the movement is that it is placing power in the hands of women. By way of a single comment a  secretary can just about derail the career of almost any executive. Becky, who is close to one of the human relations people in her firm tells me that management considers women as safer and more reliable than their male counterparts. Her concern is that it is becoming more difficult for men to secure better jobs, and even more difficult for them to be promoted as each and every male employee is looked on as something of a potential time bomb. 'Do you every worry about David', I asked her. 'You know mom David is the quintessential new age man that you talk about', she replied. She went on to say that he would never do or say anything that was inappropriate. 'Neither would your father' I reminded her, but in today's work environment it is women who are determining what is appropriate. The simple reality is men do not know if an action or behavior is right or wrong, offensive or not until it is judged by female standards. This, I told Becky, is leaving men in a very vulnerable place.

While I don't know everything, what I do see happening is that the changes in the work place are occurring at lighting speed. It is now common for men to work under female supervisors. Women are being promoted over men in the work place, and they are receiving comparable salaries. And, the biggest change of all is that men who are not complying with the new standards of conduct are finding them selves in the unemployment line.

For the moment I am not sure what the 'me to movement' means for society or for female led marriage. What I do suspect is that men who are accustomed to working under the supervision of women will have no problem with accepting female control in the home. And women who are accustomed to supervising men in the work place will think it normal to supervise their husbands in the same manner. Instead of femdom marriage spreading to the work place, I am beginning to see a world that is run by and controlled by women moving from the work place to the home.

Let me hear your thoughts on this topic.

Love, Kathy