Sunday, December 22, 2019


Thank all of you for the recent comments. The overall response to the Wash Day series was a little more tepid than expected, but it did draw some thought provoking comments. But, I must confess that with Christmas coming  I have been away from the blog. In the end much of the blog comes back to a discussion Tara and I had so many years ago. She told that my husband John was a deeply submissive man. 'What do you mean', I asked her. In simplest terms, she told me, it means that he needs a woman to tell him what to do. Giving her a puzzled look she responded that he needs you to lead him in life. She went on to explain that without active female authority in his life John was a man who could never be truly happy.

On that same day that we had the conversation she offered me an opportunity to come work with her in the studio. I didn't know what to think, but driving home across the long bridge was one of the loneliness experiences of my life. Looking at the big house that had been home to John and I for so many years brought tears to my eyes. This home had been the place of wedding anniversaries, children' parties, and the place where we lived when the news came that my mother had passed.
Now, instead of a place of refuge it became a place to cry and wonder what cruel reality the world would throw my way next. It was then that the decision was made to accept Tara's offer of employment in the studio.

In the months working with Tara I learned  much about men. They told me their secrets, their fears, their hopes, and all of the things that were never confessed to their wives. Yes, mistress, my wife does not understand they would say. Or, 'she said no' when I asked her to become my mistress. 'What should I do' they would some times ask. 'Would you let me be your slave' they would sometimes find the courage to ask. 'Maybe', I would respond,' but tell me why you deserve to be my slave'.
After an explanation as to why he would make a good slave there would be an opportunity to kneel and perform foot worship. As Tara explained it the trick was to learn what the poor hapless male needed and give him some of it. In that way you earned his respect, his devotion, and kept him coming back.

With a little practice it was easy to learn what the men needed. They needed to have some fear of you, but they also needed to respect you as a woman and as a mistress. Above all you needed to give them the experience they could not get at home from their wives. The couples who came to Tara were different. She didn't charge as much for couples as she did for single men. Her techniques was to help the wives learn how to become mistresses to their men. The women learned to put their husbands in Command Position. They learned to collar the husbands and lead them on a leash. Then even learned to teach the husbands stay and come. Tara believed that this type of 'male' training formed the basis of what she referred to as good household management.

Shortly before my arrival Tara formed several of the wives into a group. And, it was in this group that several of the women developed the confidence in themselves to truly becomes mistress wives to their men. In the group the women would talk, shares stories, laugh, and sometimes cry. It was a safe place where confidences were kept and friendships formed. Even to the present day some of these girls are still counted among my best friends. Until a few years ago we met regularly. Our annual holiday luncheon usually brought them back from where ever corner of the country they called home.

One of the things about femdom that took me a long time to figure out is that it is about caring, acceptance, and most of all love. To be truly good as a mistress wife you need to accept your man for whom he is. You need to care about him. And, most of all you need to love him. Everything else; the positions, the training, and even the punishment sessions will fall into place if the three conditions are met.

Love you all for reading and even more for sharing. This Christmas thank God for the wonderful gifts he has given to you. Think of the children, the grandchildren, and most of all the love of the woman  whom you think of as your wife or mistress.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Wash Day.....For the Ladies

For whatever reason I was not happy with the recent post. It was too short and mostly I was hesitant to talk about foot worship on the blog.  After all this blog is not intended to be about what many people would consider kinky behavior. Yet, from my observation there are many men who love nothing more in life than taking the toes of a woman into their mouth. In the studio foot worship was a special treat for the guys. It was considered a privilege. It was also a money maker for Tara in that it kept the paying customers coming back. In the studio the girls had learned to develop foot worship into something of an art form. It would start with the shoes, a lot of licking and finally the magic moment when the guy was allowed to suck on your toes.

For my part foot worship was kind of a strange feeling in the beginning. It didn't matter how dirty the feet were, or how badly they might have smelled. In many cases it was quite obvious that the guys relished the smell as well as the taste of the summer sweat. And, it was always very hot walking from the car to the studio. It would always be the mistress who ended the session as the guys could spend hours licking and sucking on her toes. It was almost an animalist type of behavior where by the sent of the female drove the male wildly crazy with lust. It was also a behavior that many of the wives didn't allow their men to participate in. 'It was too nasty', a couple of the men told me. Some of them were too embarrassed to perform this act with their wives.

After a very short time I learned to use my feet to tease the men. I would often put the man in Command Position where he were not allowed to move a muscle. I would then dangle my toes right in front of his face. 'Not yet', I would tell him. 'Have you been a good boy today', I would ask.
He would always answer 'yes mistress'. 'How good', I might then ask. 'Beg', for what you want I would tell him. As a working mistress I quickly learned that it was quite fun to tease the men before giving them what they wanted. As a young girl my mother often told me that men appreciated things more it you made them work for it. It was not until my teenage years that I had an idea of what she might be talking about.

As a mistress wife I have learned to have a bit of innocent fun with John. Yes, my husband, as many men do appreciates the opportunity of having a woman's toes in his mouth. If he is a good slave, if he does a good job of cleaning house; and if he shows me the kind of sweetness I love in him he may be rewarded. Enough said on this subject except that this simple reward can be used as an effective training tool for the submissive man in your life.  Enjoy!

Love, Kathy

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Deleted Post

Good Morning to all of you.

Yes, I have just deleted the last posting. What looked good on Sunday morning didn't seem quite rite on Monday.

Love, Kathy

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Wash Day....

Thank all of you for the emails and for the comments.

My absence from the blog has made me realize how important this little bit of feminine writing is to many of you. Yet, this is just a blog. It is not a crutch to rely on as a replacement for real world experiences. What I would tell each and everyone one of you is to love the lady you are with.
She may not be the mistress of your dreams. She may have her faults, but men have a tendency to overlook the many good and wonderful things women do for them. Bring her flowers and gifts for no special reason. Tell her that you love her. Not just once a week, but every day. Tell her how special she is to you. Relish her smile. And, learn to listen to her. Learn to focus on her needs rather than what you want.

One of the sweet things John does is to bring  my coffee every morning to my writing desk. He also makes sure that there is at least one single flower in the small vase at  its corner. While this may seem as a simple task to many of you it means a great deal to me. It is a way for him to show his affection,  his willingness to serve and be a part of my life. It also provides us a few minutes to talk about our day, about the children, and what is on our mind. Regardless of what I am doing I put it down.
John is more important. I love to watch his gentle curtsy. I usually direct him to the back of the desk by pointing my finger toward the floor next to me. He kneels and is given the opportunity to kiss my feet.

One of the things I tell women who write to me is never miss opportunity to have your man kneel.
At the same time never miss an opportunity to have him kiss your feet. Working in the studio I learned the pleasure of having a man worship your feet. What I learned in the studio is that a woman's feet are an aphrodisiac for most submissive men. There is nothing they would rather do than spend time massaging your feet or swishing their tongue between your toes. For many men foot worship is something of a religious experience that brings them closer to the goddess that they think you are.
As Tara told me so many years ago think of your self as a goddess and they will too.

Love, Kathy