Monday, August 28, 2017

Time Away

Just a quick note to thank all of you who have emailed over the summer months. Both John and I are fine. As most of you know John is retired. I made the decision to take the summer off from work. We spent most of June traveling in Europe and much of the remainder of the summer visiting with children.

It felt so good to be away from the responsibilities of work and to some extent the blog. In a way it felt good not to have the responsibility of posting. Over a few weeks of traveling I developed a mental block regarding computers. I just didn't want to touch a computer to either email, post, or simply to read the news.

Much of our time in Europe was in Italy. We rented a small apartment on a hillside outside of Sienna, and spent most of our time making day trips in the area. We also did a lot of walking. From the apartment we had to walk down the hill, but then go back up another hill in order to get into the town.
Sienna was interesting, but not as pretty as the renaissance cities of Italy. The Tuscany area with all of the little hill top towns was gorgeous, and we loved the wine and the food. We both took classes on Italian cooking. John, however, will tell you his favorite part of the class was eating what we cooked.

Where we go from here I am not sure. We did spent time with Becky and her family. She is as much a mistress to her husband as she has ever been. What I did notice is a renewed sense of confidence in herself. She is not afraid of leading. She is sweet and kind, always very feminine in manners and in the way she dresses, but she lets David know who is boss. And, I think this is an attribute that men generally value in a wife. More than every it is my belief that many- many men have a serious submissive side to their personality. It simply takes the right woman to bring it out where it can be developed.

Being on vacation relieved John of most of his work responsibilities. It also relieved me of some of the daily pressure of being a mistress. Yes, ladies, don't let anyone tell you that being a mistress is a job that comes with no responsibly. As time goes on the job of being a mistress becomes easier, but it can still be a job. What surprised me was how grumpy John could become on vacation. Letting the leash louse was fine for a few days, but to be happy John needs to feel the constant pull of my authority. Sometimes I wonder how many of you are like that?

After a few days of going collar free, I made him put it on. It may be difficult to imagine but it improved his attitude. Having the collar around his neck made him more obedient, more content, and a far better traveling companion. Men want to be collared. This may be one of the biggest secrets in the universe. Yet, even more than collared men want a lady who is willing to lock up their little 'thing-e' and keep the key.   'Thing-e' may not be an actual word, but yes you all know what it is.

Over the years I have had many emails from women. At the beginning the idea of being a man's mistress seems so strange. A couple of years into it most women tell how natural it feels to have a man under their control. Femdom is about love, about relationships, and about developing a sense of trust in each other. Sometimes I wonder how many of you are 'there' with your wife or girlfriend.
How many of you would fully trust the lady in your life with your freedom and as well as your money?

Love you all for reading and for sharing. We need to see where the blog goes from here. Over the next few weeks I will try to answer many of the email in my in box.