Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Goodmorning Kiss

Here is a very special good morning kiss to each of you.

Yes, where John and I live today is a beautiful spring day. The sunshine puts me into a better frame of mind. Yesterday, however, I was a bitch. In some ways I took it out on John. I had him on his knees scrubbing the grout between the bathroom tiles. It is hard and frustrating work, but it is a job that sometimes needs to be done. As one of my girlfriends once told me it is the kind of work that reminds a man of his special place in the universe. Yesterday was also a reminder to John that a submissive husband must find a way to put up with his Wife's bad moods as well as her good ones. No, John is not some type of plantation slave who could be sold, but yesterday he probably wished that he belonged to some other woman.

One of the little things that I have learned over the years is that sometimes being a bitch has its rewards. In some ways it changes the attitude of those who are around you. This morning I could observe a little bit of pensiveness in John demeanor as he brought in my cup of coffee. There was a sharpness to his curtsy that hasn't been there for the last couple of weeks. A slow sloppy morning curtsy is almost always a sign that a husband is taking his 'slave' status for granted. It is one of those signals that a mistress wife needs to be on the look out for.

Instead of releasing John to his morning duties I put him into Command Position with a snap of my fingers. Yes, I was pleasded to see that his drop to the floor was quick, energetic, and respectful.
I let him stay there for a few minutes while reading the news on the internet. The virus is taking a terrible told on the economy and in the way we live. There are no more hugs and no more kisses except for those whom you live with. I told John that he really did a very good job cleaning the grout and that Mistress was pleased with him. Yes, in my Mistress mode I quite often refer to myself in the third person. It was a little something I picked up in the studio.

Love you all for reading. Love you even more for sharing and for being sweet, kind, and obedient to the people in your lives. I challenge each of you to make the day a little better for everyone you come into contact with. A smile may not replace a hug and kiss but it helps.



Friday, April 17, 2020

Happy Friday

They you my babies for the very wonderful response to the blog.

I hope that all of you are doing well and staying away from the virus. Both John and I wear face masks when we go to the store. Becky has perfected the art of having necessary things delivered to her home. She is working. Her husband has been furloughed, but is hopeful that his job will come back soon. At least they are saving money on gas. In a strange way we both seem to be adjusting to our new circumstances, but I do miss the grandchildren.

As I write this short post John is in Command Position in front of my writing desk. Sometimes I do this in this morning after he brings my coffee. It is a way of demonstrating to him that he remains my obedient slave-loving, but still a slave. Way back when in the coffee shop John told me that he wanted to live as my slave. It took a great deal of courage for him to say those words, but he knew what he wanted and needed. By that time I had worked in Tara's studio for several months and had an understanding of the male need for submission. On that day I welcomed him home. I also made a commitment to him.

The commitment I made to John that day was to be his mistress. Not just an ordinary mistress.
My commitment to John was to be a strong mistress who ruled every aspect of his life. There was a certain fear in his eyes yet it was also something he wanted and  needed.  After what we had been through there was no way of going back to an ordinary vanilla marriage no matter how much each of us may have feared the future. John had his own car at the coffee shop. He followed me home.
Once inside the house I put him in Command Position for the first time. He had learned the command in the studio and responded in the appropriate manner. In some ways I relished this new found power over my husband of many years. Yes, I discovered a part of my secret self.

Love, Kathy

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

A very good morning to all of you.

Thank all of you who were kind enough to share. And, a very special thank you to Mistress Diane for her well though out contribution to the blog. As she says femdom is not just about having a husband who does house work, it is about discovering his and her secret self, and the intimacy that goes along with it. Above all femdom is a way of showing love and building trust in a relationship.
In a way this is such a profound statement that the blog could really be closed down here and now without an additional word.  Mistress Diane statements encapsulates the essence of what a femdom marriage is all about.

When we talk about femdom relationships we are talking about love, intimacy, trust, commitment and giving. And yes there is a definite place for pusnishment.  Make no mistake about it, but femdom type relationships have a way of breaking down unless the wife is willing to punsh. Without punishment men have a tendency to louse respect for the wife's authority in the marriage. In a metaphorically way a wife must be willing to wield the whip when necessary. In some marriages the whip is a physical reality. On the blog I have a tendency to stay away from comments related to spanking, but will acknowledge that spanking is an important element of many marriages. From this blog many of you know that my daughter has no issue with using the hairbrush on her husband's rear end. Some men need this form of punishment as a firm reminder of who wears the pants in the relatiosnhiip. Having said that please stay away from comments that feature spanking as this is more of a male fetish than a
necessary element of most femdom relationships.

Love you all for reading. Love you for all sharing. And, please take a moment to give Mistress Diane a  thank you for sharing her story with you.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday Morning Get A Way

Thank all of you for sharing those personal stories of being slapped.

What I suspect is that for most men the humiliation which accompanies a public slap may be worst than the related physical pain. Yet, on another level, the humiliation may also trigger a reaction that leads to a higher level of submission. In our conversations over the years John has told me that he had often fantasized about being dominated. It was these fantasies that led him to seek out Tara in the first place. However, the realty of having a mistress made him want female dominance all the more.
It became a never ending cycle of repeat visits that cost him more and more money. In some ways he was ashamed, but he could not resist the appeal of having a real mistress in his life.

In his comment John Dalton shares the story of the very first time a woman gave him a public slap. It was humiliating he tells us, but I wonder if the reality created a need for more female dominance in his life? That is something only he can answer. What I do know is that the need of men for female control is real. What the typical stories get so wrong is that female leadership in the home is an act of love and caring. It is about giving. It is about nurturing.  It is about all of the things that come naturally to us. The whip and chain stories have it all wrong.

Think about it,

Love, Kathy

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Diappointing Morning

When opening the blog this morning  I was a little disappointed by the lack of comments.

The recent comments have all been very thoughtful. They, in my opinion are the kind of comments that should invite additional responses, yet they did not. One of the things I have learned is that men are extremely embarrassed to be slapped in the face by a woman. Why, I asked John, but there was no real answer. Once, several years ago John was given a little slap for drinking too much. That is when I made the decision to clamp down on out much he was allowed to drink when we ere at dinner or at parties. And, it works. He knows the limits. On occasion he will ask permission for another drink and sometimes it is given.

What I am curious about is how many of you have strict limits on what you can drink when out to dinner or at parties??


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Staying Home

Well, of course like most everyone else John and I are spending our days at home. John likes to read. We both like to walk in the neighborhood. We keep up with the neighbors from a distance. We will get through this and be better for having had the experience.

John made an interesting comment related to the recent post concerning Becky. In the posting the remark was made that Becky considers her husband as her first mate and expects him to take a leadership role with the children. John's comment was that may be true for now, but one day that daughter of hers will take charge of her father. Yes, I replied, but day is a long time ways in the future. Still, in mind's eye I could see that peppy little girl growing into a young woman who has the confidence and courage to lead men.

Thank you all for the great comments related to religion. A special thank you to Carl for his well thought out contribution. If you have not read his comment please do. And, if you have read it please read it again. And, for Tony, thank you for thinking of us, but because of the references to location I decided not to post. You are a sweetheart.

Love you all,


Monday, April 6, 2020

Start Of Another Week

Why is it that Sunday is the first day of the week when almost everyone believes it should be Monday?? And, if the first day of the week really is Sunday why is it that we refer to Saturday and Sunday as the weekend?? Well, the answer of course is related to religion in that church services should be on the first day of the week rather than the last day. Still, I would rather my personal calendar indicate Monday as the first day.

One of the most controversial posting ever on this blog was related to religion. Some of you may remember it. It is my believe that the family who prays together has a better chance of staying together. Alone those lines it is my belief that upon marriage a couple should closely examine their religions preferences. In a femdom marriage it is my opinion that a man should accept the religious tenants of his soon to be wife and mistress. Being of the same religious beliefs makes it easier to extend teachings to the children. When the parents are of the same faith it serves to reduce confusion and conflict within the family. Most important though is the concept that a common religious philosophy by both mother and father serves as an important foundation for the children.

Aside from bible study in their church Becky and her husband read religious based stories to the children.. Becky picks out the books and at times discusses them with her husband before sharing them with the children. The reason for this is that she wants her husband to be on the same page when talking with the children. She views her husband as her first mate and expects him to maintain an active leadership role in the family. She also tries not to correct him in front of the children. However, one of the points she makes is denying permission for a request is not the same as correcting him.
She has no issue with her husband acknowledging her authority by asking permissions in front of the family. In other words she has no issue with letting the children understand that as a leader their father is still under the authority of their mother.

While I no longer remember any of the actual comments to the original posting they were mostly negative to mixed. Back then  most of the readers were still 'want to bees' in their relationships. For the most part they felt it was wrong for a man to change religion to that of his wife's. How do most you feel about it now? And, for the ladies how do feel about the issue of correcting your man in front of the children?  And, for the men, how do you feel about being corrected in front of the family?  Please share.

Love, Kathy

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Good Afternoon

Here is to another day of isolation.

We talk to our neighbors from a distance. Not too close, not too far. At our home it is just John and I.
It is fairly easy to manage. At Becky's house there is her husband and the three children. Her job is secure and she is more busy than normal dealing with all of the customers. On the hand her husband was furloughs from his job. For what he does there is simply no need in the present circumstances.

Being busy with work Becky has put her husband in charge of the children. Every morning early, before the children wake, the two of them have a short meeting. In the meeting she briefly goes over his plans for the day-home work, house work, and misc. responsibilities.  The system works well she tells me. On most days he accomplishes more than she intended. The children are keeping up with their school work. Of course for the little one there is not much to do. In the beginning she was concerned with noise coming from the children that clients could hear on the phone. After doing this for a week or so she decided the noise didn't really matter in that everyone is more or less doing the same thing.

Once the children are put to bed she and her husband have a late evening cocktail. It is her favorite time of day she tells me. It also gives them another time to talk, catch up on the news, and think about things. 'We will get through this', she has told her husband on many occasions. When he tends to get nervous she has a way of calming him down. This is perhaps one of the reasons why she is such an effective mistress to her husband. She understands him, his needs, his hopes as well as his strengths and weaknesses. The though occurred to me that a true mistress is at their best when things are at their worst. And maybe, this is a line that should be repeated. Lets say it together; a true mistress is at her best when things are at their worst.

In these times of difficulty show confidence in the lady in your life. Show her that you are there for her. Show her your love, your devotion, and your caring.

Love you all,


Friday, April 3, 2020

Good Morning To All Of you..

Good morning my sweeties.

Yes, by the introduction most of you can tell that this posting is for the male readers of the blog. Over the last year or two the women have also been there, but they prefer to email rather than comment.

On the last posting I made the remark that there was nothing really to talk about. Upon reading the post John chimed in by saying it would be a good time to talk about commitment. His exact words were, 'mistress, you were going to talk commitment'. And yes, in the privacy of our home John  calls me mistress rather than Kathy. It took some time to become accustomed to the idea of being called by something other than my first name. In the beginning it bothered me, but really it is like him having something of a pet name for me. And again, yes, as I have no problem in thinking of myself as John's loving mistress as well as his wife.

In the privacy of our home and in fact most places my pet name for John is sweetie. It is a most appropriate name for him in that he is the sweetest man that I have ever met. When I want to be funny or when I want to make a point I call him slave or my little slave boy. Once, I accidently called him slave in front of our daughter, thought about it, and then decided that in front of her it was fine. She responded that same day by addressing her husband as slave boy in a very sweat tone of voice. He was embarrassed to say the least, but he quickly got over it. 

What I suspect is that most of you love it when your mistress wives address you as sweetie, slave or boy or by some other pet name. Am I correct?  What I also believe is that using the slave name reminds John that he is in fact my slave as well as my husband. He is not simply my submissive as most men are in femdom relationships he is my slave and my property and I love him all the more for being who he is.



Thursday, April 2, 2020

Love You All...

Good morning to all of you.

The simple truth is that I have nothing to really talk about this morning. Where john and I live it is a beautiful spring day, and we will go out walking. It is a good time to say hello to neighbors-at a distance- as most of them are also out. It is a time for us to thank the Lord for small favors; the sun shine, the beautiful flowers in the garden, and people whom we love. What I find is that thinking of these things lifts my spirits.

What I have also found is that the shut down has given us time to make contact with old friends whom we have been apart from. Several of us from Tara's old group have now gotten together for  chats on the internet. It is fun. Over the last couple of years we have all gone different ways. It has even been a while since our last Christmas function. Most of them are still with the same guy and are in some kind of an flr. These are the girls who all laughed together and at times who cried together. One of the good things we did on the chat is resolve to all get together after this is over. We also agreed that it would be a girl's party only with no men allowed except maybe one or two of them for service.

It is important to remember that difficult times can either separate us or bring us together. This is true with your children as well as your husband. For the men who read this blog remember to support your wives. Trust in the decisions they make. Trust in their leadership of the family. And, most important demonstrate to the children that you have full confidence in Her. And for the women who read this blog remember that he needs a mistress now more than ever. Femdom is not a face to be put on as if you are playing a game, it is a practical and rewarding way of life. It is a way of expressing love and commitment to that special person in your life. In your private time show him that you are still the mistress. Let him kneel before you. Remind him that his duty is to obey your rules in all matters, and he is to demonstrate that obedience to the rest of the family. He is the first mate, but you are the captain of the ship.

Love you all.