Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Goodmorning Kiss

Here is a very special good morning kiss to each of you.

Yes, where John and I live today is a beautiful spring day. The sunshine puts me into a better frame of mind. Yesterday, however, I was a bitch. In some ways I took it out on John. I had him on his knees scrubbing the grout between the bathroom tiles. It is hard and frustrating work, but it is a job that sometimes needs to be done. As one of my girlfriends once told me it is the kind of work that reminds a man of his special place in the universe. Yesterday was also a reminder to John that a submissive husband must find a way to put up with his Wife's bad moods as well as her good ones. No, John is not some type of plantation slave who could be sold, but yesterday he probably wished that he belonged to some other woman.

One of the little things that I have learned over the years is that sometimes being a bitch has its rewards. In some ways it changes the attitude of those who are around you. This morning I could observe a little bit of pensiveness in John demeanor as he brought in my cup of coffee. There was a sharpness to his curtsy that hasn't been there for the last couple of weeks. A slow sloppy morning curtsy is almost always a sign that a husband is taking his 'slave' status for granted. It is one of those signals that a mistress wife needs to be on the look out for.

Instead of releasing John to his morning duties I put him into Command Position with a snap of my fingers. Yes, I was pleasded to see that his drop to the floor was quick, energetic, and respectful.
I let him stay there for a few minutes while reading the news on the internet. The virus is taking a terrible told on the economy and in the way we live. There are no more hugs and no more kisses except for those whom you live with. I told John that he really did a very good job cleaning the grout and that Mistress was pleased with him. Yes, in my Mistress mode I quite often refer to myself in the third person. It was a little something I picked up in the studio.

Love you all for reading. Love you even more for sharing and for being sweet, kind, and obedient to the people in your lives. I challenge each of you to make the day a little better for everyone you come into contact with. A smile may not replace a hug and kiss but it helps.




Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, Kathy. We miss you when you have nothing to post!

I'll bet John didn't completely hate the bathroom work or responding to your bitchiness. Sometimes the tugs on our collars feels pretty good.


sissy terri said...

Ms. Kathy,

Obedience can be trying at times. Diane's moods vary and I often need reminding that in spite of that, my obedience and devotion to Her must not lessen. It's challenging, and admittedly I do slip up at times but in the end, I always stand corrected.

The beauty of it all is that She appreciates me and loves me more than anything.

Thanks for sharing this simple but powerful lesson for all of us.


sissy terrie

Carlondrin said...

I know that when my Princess is in an irritable mood, I try to be more attentive to her and her wishes. I always try to be thoughtful and considerate, but when she isn't happy I find myself striving harder. Part of it is simply wanting to make things better for her. Part of it is not wanting her displeasure turned in my direction. Frankly, she is intimidating sometimes, and that can help motivate me. I would not willingly upset her because I don't enjoy her being upset, but I do think that a little bitchiness can be very motivating, especially if it comes with tasks or rituals that reinforce our respective roles in the relationship.

And when I see her return to a more pleasant mood, whether through my service or other circumstances, then I can fully enjoy her happy state, knowing that I did what I could to help her get there.

tiptease said...

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for a lovely post, it's alway a joy to read about real female led lives.

As your post shows, to my humble opinion, is that a female led relation is a 2 way street. I believe you cant expect a sub to be at his best without guidance and every now and then the domme needs to show who is in control.

And I bet it gave you a good feeling to see how John reacted to your behaviour.

Thank you again dear Kathy, also for the goodmorning kiss :-)

Love Tiptease

Anonymous said...

I have been with my wife so many years now I can read her moods pretty well. If I think she is in a bad mood I watch my step. This kind of redefines our roles. A little bit of fear is not a bad thing.-Alan

Anonymous said...

I laughed when you allowed yourself the freedom to be a bitch Mistress Kathy! No justification needed, just your right as Mistress !! I am familiar with it and it took me so long to get over this sense of being a victim rather than realise it isn’t wifes right and I will submit to it. I do smarten my act because I know she tolerate much when she’s decided to get mad. I love her for it !dandsnz

Anonymous said...

Mistress Kathy
Thank you for the morning kiss.

It brightened my day. We are all becoming a bit edgy. Almost anything will send me into a funk or a rage. The Mistress/Wife is sympathetic. i would probably be better off with a good thrashing.


Anonymous said...

Sorry,meant to say that being a bitch is my mistress wifes right. As she has just painfully reminded me and told me to correct . DandSNZ

Gigi said...

I kind of feel your hubby is wallet happy to also be your owned slave after you made him go through a little bit of wishing he belonged to some other Woman. He relishes your dominance, he's a slave to you by nature

Gigi said...

Please talk about how this COVID-19 thing has made Femdom different for you. Sorry interesting subject

Anonymous said...

When my wife is a bitch, it is such a great clarifier. In no time, I am begging her for forgiveness, promising to never to do it again. Fundamentally, I lost all ability to take a stand against her a long time ago and I am truly her lap dog. In fact, every time any woman is in a bad mood, I always fall into the trap of taking it personal and wanting to make concessions to fix it. I just can’t help myself. Even our 16 year old daughter has noticed this and bosses me around when we go for a walk in the state park together. She makes me apologize for all kinds of little things and that reveals as much about her as it does me.


Anonymous said...

Mistress Kathy
Happy Mother's Day

larry said...

Dear Mistress Kathy,

Thank You for this blog, and the kiss, of course.
Your acknowledging of John's good work, went a long way to making both of you happy, i am sure. Allowing Yourself to be that Mistress he needs is such a gift and i know it may be hard sometimes to keep that dominance at a high level. But, when You see that sharpness of curtsy and quick obedience to assume the Command Position was his acknowledgement of his attention to You and actually an act of love that he needed to express.

Thank You for sharing Your time with us.


tiptease said...

Just a small comment to tell you that I miss you posting :-)

Anonymous said...

When my wife is in one of those “bitchy “ moods I remind myself that she is superior. What I do wish she would do at such times, however, is to require me to kneel with my nose planted between her legs for a few special moments, or for her to queen me for a few moments to leave me marked with her scent.

Anonymous said...

My wife wasted no time that this stay at home meant I would not be laying around. She was not going to have tolerate it and that second day I found myself standing, naked, and and told the spanking was to remind me that I best keep busy and do as told. That spanking was the worse, that bath brush got the point across clearly. Yes I have been spanked since then, my wife knows me more than I know myself. Jack