Saturday, December 2, 2017

Follow Up

Once again thank all of you for contributing to the blog by way of comments and emails. There was an email from a young wife who is in the early stages of a female led relationship. What seemed to interest her the most was Command Position. 'Is it really possible to train a man to drop to the floor at the snap of your fingers', she asked. 'Yes', I responded, 'if he is truly submissive and is willing to give up control'. Trying Command Positon that evening she was amazed by the fact that her husband not only obeyed as directed, but showed eager willingness for more of the training. 'Who would ever think', she responded the next day. Her comment made me laugh. Between personal experiences and that of  the studio my observation has been that men love to be put under the physical control of a lady by this simple method. With daily drills, over weeks and months, men become conditioned to watching the hands of their mistress and following her non verbal commands. If you sometimes give your man a small treat for responding he will most probably learn faster. I believe the psychologist refer to this as operant conditioning.

After the first day or two this young wife discovered the amazing power that this simple technique of command Position provides to the mistress wife who is willing to use it. The key is repetition so both he and she become accustomed to the act. And yes, it may be in a gentle way, but men do fear a woman who is willing to discipline them with this tool. In the studio we used a variant of this  technique for a number of purposes. In a public situation it can make a man squirm. To help over come my own hesitation Tara reminded me on more than one occasion that it is the 'male' who must drop on command, not you. In other words there was nothing for the lady giving the command to be embarrassed about. As a studio helper it took me some time to get acquainted with the idea that this command should some times be given in a public venue. The men were taught that the longer the time to respond, the longer mistress would keep them in that self comprising position. Tara would sometimes take men on walks wearing 't' shirts that had the words 'her slave' printed on back and front.  Humiliation, especially in public, would send some men into a deep state of sub space where they would do practically anything. Why, I don't know, but I have seem it first hand.

Reading over the last postings John was a little surprised over how quickly they were written.
What I have found is that when writing about a subject that you are passionate about-care about- the words come easy, and the flow is natural. As much as I write many of you still do not understand how John and I live. For the record I am not some type of princess who relaxes all day while my husband slaves away in the house. Yes, he may do the majority of the house work, but I also do a fair amount. On Friday morning John makes me happy when he cleans the mistress bedroom and bathroom and changes the bed sheets. It is really our bedroom, but the mistress bedroom sounds much better on a femdom blog. And, I believe it provides John with a very good feeling to be  put in charge of taking care of our personal space.

But what many of you don't get is that John also makes me happy when he comes back from his golf game all smiles and lovey. Yes, I like my guy to get out the house, get fresh air, and stay active with male friends. But, my guy also understands that golf is a privilege that can be taken away from him if circumstances suggest a need to it. In the morning John makes me happy when he comes into my study with a cup of coffee. A little cream and very little sugar. A good slave knows how his mistress likes her coffee, and John is the best slave a mistress could ever own can. Some of you who are wondering whether the coffee service comes with a polite curtsy. Is there anything wrong with a husband curtsying to his wife. Is it an activity that some would describe as BDSM or is it a simple act of respect and devotion? That is a question for each of you to decide, but I love to see a man curtsy to his lady. For me it is a lovely gesture full of grace and beauty that says a great deal about the character of a man as well as his respect for women-especially those who are in authority over him.

Love, Kathy