Friday, July 3, 2020

Happy July 4th

This is not really a post as much as it is a simple hello.

As many of you may have guessed I have been away from the blog. Several weeks ago John was asked by his former employer if he would like to return to work on a temporary basis. He asked my permission, and I gave it to him. In many ways retirement has been good, but he misses the routine of working. He misses the contact with coworkers and the everyday challenges that come with being my submissive are not enough to keep him active.

In some ways we have gone back to our old roles as they were before discovering John's submissive needs were discovered. With him working and me having more free time I have going back to doing house work and taking care of the garden. I was never made to be a princess or queen. I like doing things. I like being active and taking care of what needs to be done. Every evening John and I still have our special time to talk where upon he kneels and I sit in a comfortable chair. One of the things that I am convinced of it that it is good for a man to kneel before his wife as least once in every day. Some women hate the  idea of their husband addressing them as mistress instead of by their first name. Yet, I have never tired of being John's mistress and being addressed as such. Even when he accidently uses the mistress word in front of friends or family I take it as a mark of respect.

Thank all of you for the comments. At some point in the not to distant future the blog will become more active again, but for the moment I am not into it. In another sense my belief that femdom blogs should be done by younger women who are more active with families reminds me that my personal beliefs may be out of season. If there is a message in Femdom 101 it is about encouraging younger women to take the lead in their relationships. Men, even strong men, need the authority of a capable-confident woman in their life.

One thought I would like to add to this July 4th post is the importance of confidence. If they want to most women have the ability to lead. The issue for most of them is self confidence. There were a couple of recent postings dealing with this issue. There is also a very short story about a young lady-a college student who wrote to me during the winter. Carol, along with neighbors is expecting me for coffee and specially made biscuits in a few minutes so it is time for me to go. Some time next week I hope to share that short story with you and talk about the comments.

Until then please remember that I love you all. I love you not just for reading, but for having the courage to surrender the traditional manly armor of control to the love and authority of your wives.
This allow you to be more sensitive, more loving and more caring and essentially better husbands and fathers. Once again I would use the term 'new age male', but perhaps that expression has ben over worked on this blog. So be good boys on this fourth. Serve as best you can and as well as you can be the manly pillar of strength that your wives deserve.

Love, Kathy

Monday, June 15, 2020

Where did the time go

While, I can't believe it has been two weeks since returning from Becky's home.

In my absence John did an excellent job of keeping up with the housework and with the special task given to him. He was responsible for painting one of our bedrooms, polishing several pieces of furniture and making one or two small improvements in the garden. Before leaving for the trip, Carole, our next door neighbor teasingly remarked that she would keep an eye on him while I was away. I teasingly responded that yes please do so in that John needs supervision. We then shared a giggle at John's expense, but she has no idea of the degree of supervision he is subject to.

On our first coffee break upon returning I asked Carole if John was a good boy during my absence. At that moment he was in hearing rang tidying up the kitchen from breakfast. The slight blush on his face told me that he was just a little embarrassed, but he also loves that type of 'outing' in front of Miss Carole. And, for John it is Miss Carole. She, of course does not know many of the details of our relationship, but she does know that in our household  John does what he is told. What I have observed in our recent visit is that Becky has become more secure with small 'outings' or what might be descried as public displays of submission. She has become quite comfortable with having him carry her purse. 'He catches a few looks', she told me, but he handles these situations
with a great deal of maturity.

When Becky mentioned the word maturity it gave me the idea for this posting. Yes, in my judgment submissive men who know what they want and need are mature as individuals. Yes, I do believe men mature later than women, and many men never reach the maturity levels of their wives. Yet, many of them do mature and when they gain that understanding of who they are as people make wonderful husbands and fathers. What many people forget is that it takes a high degree of inner strength to live a life style that cherishes obedience and service to another person. And, on the other side of the coin it takes a woman who has the inner courage to take charge of her man in the way Becky has with her guy.

Love you all for reading. Love you all for the comments. What I would like each of you to remember is that it takes a strong man to obey a woman. Be proud of who you are. If your wife has you  carry her purse in the mall or into restaurants do it with pride. Most other man will be envious of you.
Why that couldn't be me they will think.

Love you all,


Monday, June 1, 2020

Back Home and Tired

And, I am back home.

Time away with the grandchildren was nice, but very tiring. How my daughter and her husband keep up with it all I have absolutely no idea.

The other morning we had time to share a quick cup of coffee before the emails began arriving.
Becky was laughing over the story of the governor from Wisconsin, I believe. Her husband apparently attempted to use the wife's position in order to obtain a special favor from a boat launch. According to the story it all backfired causing embarrassment to the governor. If he were my husband, Becky said, the gentleman would be doing corner time every Saturday morning for a full year. From the other room we heard a 'I know better' remark from her guy. 'Yes, well trained he is', Becky responded with a cute little grin.

In any marriage love in certainly the most important of all ingredients. However, coming in only slightly behind love in importance is compatibility. And, in that regard the simple truth is that some men's hippieness and sense of satisfaction with life depends on having a mistress who is willing to take charge of them. If more young people understood the importance of this dynamic before marriage there would be far fewer break ups post marriage.  Most men are simply afraid or unwilling to admit of their need for female authority. As you all know this was the situation with my husband. It was only with the discovery of panties in his gym bag that he admitted to seeing a dominatrix. In retrospect this discovery was the glue that cemented our marriage. Yet, I know that other women would have run, run, run from a man who openly showed signs of submissive behavior.

Many of the blogs I have read over the years tend to merge the idea of being a mistress with being a mother. In these blogs the husband is treated as something of a baby. While I have no doubt that some men want and need this type of treatment it is far from being common with men who are submissive.
While working in studio there were a few clients who wanted to be diapered and fed from a milk bottle, but compared to the majority these clients were few and far between.

The point of this posting is that though submissive men have their quirks they are for the most part loving and kind. With the right kind of supervision they do make wonderful spouses. Yet, from the wife's point of view it does take a certain degree of confidence to handle them on a day by day basis.
Becky is a sweet girl with a loving disposition.  The main rule given to her husband is no matter what happens in the home she is the boss. She will talk with her husband concerning problems, and she appreciates his input. She however, will make the final decision and once made expects her guy's total support. In addition she is willing tp punish him when necessary. From reading the blog you know she has used the bristle end of a hair brush on his bare bottom. She is also a frim believer in corner time as penance for back talking and ego control.

Love you all for reading. Love you for sharing.


Monday, May 18, 2020

Been Away

Thank all of you for posting during my absence from the computer.

I will be away from the computer for the next week or two. The good news is that Becky's' husband has been called back to work. The bad news is that they, mom and dad, needed help with home schooling. Leaving John to his own devices I drove to Becky's home in order play grand mother and teacher's helper.

Hope to be back when this is is all over.

Love you all,


Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Goodmorning Kiss

Here is a very special good morning kiss to each of you.

Yes, where John and I live today is a beautiful spring day. The sunshine puts me into a better frame of mind. Yesterday, however, I was a bitch. In some ways I took it out on John. I had him on his knees scrubbing the grout between the bathroom tiles. It is hard and frustrating work, but it is a job that sometimes needs to be done. As one of my girlfriends once told me it is the kind of work that reminds a man of his special place in the universe. Yesterday was also a reminder to John that a submissive husband must find a way to put up with his Wife's bad moods as well as her good ones. No, John is not some type of plantation slave who could be sold, but yesterday he probably wished that he belonged to some other woman.

One of the little things that I have learned over the years is that sometimes being a bitch has its rewards. In some ways it changes the attitude of those who are around you. This morning I could observe a little bit of pensiveness in John demeanor as he brought in my cup of coffee. There was a sharpness to his curtsy that hasn't been there for the last couple of weeks. A slow sloppy morning curtsy is almost always a sign that a husband is taking his 'slave' status for granted. It is one of those signals that a mistress wife needs to be on the look out for.

Instead of releasing John to his morning duties I put him into Command Position with a snap of my fingers. Yes, I was pleasded to see that his drop to the floor was quick, energetic, and respectful.
I let him stay there for a few minutes while reading the news on the internet. The virus is taking a terrible told on the economy and in the way we live. There are no more hugs and no more kisses except for those whom you live with. I told John that he really did a very good job cleaning the grout and that Mistress was pleased with him. Yes, in my Mistress mode I quite often refer to myself in the third person. It was a little something I picked up in the studio.

Love you all for reading. Love you even more for sharing and for being sweet, kind, and obedient to the people in your lives. I challenge each of you to make the day a little better for everyone you come into contact with. A smile may not replace a hug and kiss but it helps.



Friday, April 17, 2020

Happy Friday

They you my babies for the very wonderful response to the blog.

I hope that all of you are doing well and staying away from the virus. Both John and I wear face masks when we go to the store. Becky has perfected the art of having necessary things delivered to her home. She is working. Her husband has been furloughed, but is hopeful that his job will come back soon. At least they are saving money on gas. In a strange way we both seem to be adjusting to our new circumstances, but I do miss the grandchildren.

As I write this short post John is in Command Position in front of my writing desk. Sometimes I do this in this morning after he brings my coffee. It is a way of demonstrating to him that he remains my obedient slave-loving, but still a slave. Way back when in the coffee shop John told me that he wanted to live as my slave. It took a great deal of courage for him to say those words, but he knew what he wanted and needed. By that time I had worked in Tara's studio for several months and had an understanding of the male need for submission. On that day I welcomed him home. I also made a commitment to him.

The commitment I made to John that day was to be his mistress. Not just an ordinary mistress.
My commitment to John was to be a strong mistress who ruled every aspect of his life. There was a certain fear in his eyes yet it was also something he wanted and  needed.  After what we had been through there was no way of going back to an ordinary vanilla marriage no matter how much each of us may have feared the future. John had his own car at the coffee shop. He followed me home.
Once inside the house I put him in Command Position for the first time. He had learned the command in the studio and responded in the appropriate manner. In some ways I relished this new found power over my husband of many years. Yes, I discovered a part of my secret self.

Love, Kathy

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

A very good morning to all of you.

Thank all of you who were kind enough to share. And, a very special thank you to Mistress Diane for her well though out contribution to the blog. As she says femdom is not just about having a husband who does house work, it is about discovering his and her secret self, and the intimacy that goes along with it. Above all femdom is a way of showing love and building trust in a relationship.
In a way this is such a profound statement that the blog could really be closed down here and now without an additional word.  Mistress Diane statements encapsulates the essence of what a femdom marriage is all about.

When we talk about femdom relationships we are talking about love, intimacy, trust, commitment and giving. And yes there is a definite place for pusnishment.  Make no mistake about it, but femdom type relationships have a way of breaking down unless the wife is willing to punsh. Without punishment men have a tendency to louse respect for the wife's authority in the marriage. In a metaphorically way a wife must be willing to wield the whip when necessary. In some marriages the whip is a physical reality. On the blog I have a tendency to stay away from comments related to spanking, but will acknowledge that spanking is an important element of many marriages. From this blog many of you know that my daughter has no issue with using the hairbrush on her husband's rear end. Some men need this form of punishment as a firm reminder of who wears the pants in the relatiosnhiip. Having said that please stay away from comments that feature spanking as this is more of a male fetish than a
necessary element of most femdom relationships.

Love you all for reading. Love you for all sharing. And, please take a moment to give Mistress Diane a  thank you for sharing her story with you.