Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Thank all of you who took time to think about the topic and to post.

For the last week or so I have been away from the blog. The simple truth is that I am having difficulty thinking about it. Over the summer months  John and I detoxed from the internet. It was really a good feeling in a lot of ways. On our stays in campgrounds we had the opportunity to meet with people from all over. It was fun.

For those of you who are addicted to the internet and to blogs of any kind my advice is to remove your self from the computer. This advice is especially important for those of you who have a  mistress to serve. The computer is no substitute for real life. And for the ladies who read this blog, my advice it to get your guy off his computer. If there is nothing better to do send him to cooking school or to a sewing class.  (Or buy a pleated skirt and teach him to iron it).

The second part of the punishment series has been posted on the Thinktank blog. It is a well written post and it is my hope that each of you read it. Without going into detail there are two points that I would like to make. First, in a femdom marriage it is the wife's duty to punish. Second, as it says on the Think Tank posting, punishment can bring a couple closer together. It is difficult for women to understand, but men want to know that their wife-their mistress- will hold them accountable.  They want and they need the punishment. It is about who they are as people.  It is about their internal needs that make them who they are.

This morning John and I went to vote. We talked about the election and who was running for what. And yes, he voted the way I decided. As I read on the internet this election is really about the growth of female power in public life. Ten years ago I did not see this coming. It is my hope that all of you vote today. Whether you are republican, democrat, or independent it is my hope that you participate in the election process. And yes, vote for the candidate that your wife choses.

This past week we hosted a small meet and greet at our home. Only women were invited as either voters or as candidates. The idea was to talk about the issues that are important to women. The only male present was John who served wine and cheese to the ladies. It was something of a magic moment for him. As a submissive man charged with the responsibility of serving a group of women he was in his element. For me there was one embarrassing instance. Our neighbor asked John to bring her a glass of wine. He apparently answered with something like a 'yes mistress' remark. A little later Carol asked me about the comment. 'Why did John answer like that' she asked me. 'I can't imagine' I  responded.

Love  you all. Be good to yourselves, and especially to the lady in your life. If she allows you a privilege thank her. A privilege can be as simple as watching a ball game or as rewarding as kneeling in front of her. A privilege for my baby is being allowed to worship my feet which he does with intensity of  a while man.



time day said...

Yes your right the submissive male is to vote as his mistress says it would be fun is mistress could bring her slave on dog leash crawling to vote and they vote submissive man buy licking mistresd shoes hrr how it work a group of domiant woman will tell mistress how her slave is alowed to vote for for. Dem lick mistress left shoe. For rep lick mistress right shoe. Then the lady tell slave mistress itd time yo vote and her slave cant decide mistress tells slave lick my left shoe on this then on that lick my right shoe. Anf its record by lady's ad they laugh im the fsce of slave. I know i would love to vote like this.. Mistrrss come to vote with her slave on dog leash crawling at her feet and she says at voting place i come to vote with my slave and they tell her the rules her slave must not make s sound he has to keeo his eyes down at his Mistress feet and they ask mistress who do you vote for and mistresd lefts her left shoe and slave licks her shoe and they record it as vote for dems thst would be real humilating for the male slave but many would love it.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Kathy,

I love how you talk about choosing things for men. In this post you talk about excluding men from politics (only Female politicians and Women in your meet-and-greet), about men having to vote for the candidate their Wives choose, and about choosing for them whether they should take up cooking or sewing classes, both very fitting for husbands.

I just... love everything about this post! So Femdom!


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog. I love your sense of Loving Female Authority.

Anonymous said...

How does punishment bring a couple closer together?

Anonymous said...

Punishment can be powerful by strict humiliation. There was company over yesterday, and I started congratulating the how well the female candidates did in the election. My wife was furious with me because according to her I made a fool of myself by sounding insincere and sarcastic, like all the praise was forced and artificial. So later, she broke into my iPad and shocking started reading through all my personal, private, intimate stuff with our daughter. This was a staggering over the top violation by her! I never felt so humiliated in my life. And because of things like this, she lives rent free in my head.


I'm-Hers said...

Ms Kaylee's posts are indeed interesting, as are the comments. Some have made the distinction between punishment and discipline. Do you see a difference? If so, when is each used and why? Love the above comment. I believe I know the answer but it would be nice to hear thoughts from other women as to the impact of punishment/correction/discipline on intimacy. After all, isn't the end-goal all about relationship?

Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Ms Kathy,

You touch the point of blog vs. real life. Of course, if a Woman's boy is in the blogs all the time, it's a great idea for Her to enroll him in a sewing or cooking class... that's clear.

But I have a question from a different point of view.

How real should Femdom be lived? It's hard to imagine really wanting a Femdom life, you know, not as a game or a blog thing but as a lifestyle. You love how the world is becoming more and more Female-dominated and Your Femdom "bubble" is not so much of a bubble anymore. Yes, electors want SPECIFICALLY to elect Female and NOT male candidates. Yes, Femdom is now a lot more out in the open... but... does that mean that it makes sense to live it not just as a small part of life but as "who we are"? Is it really, out of the blogs, logical to punish a man for not being pleasing and obedient? Is it fair? What if sometimes he wants it and sometimes... not? What if the Woman sometimes wants it and sometimes not?

I am not arguing one way or another, but I think it makes sense that the answer is not one way or another either. Maybe there's some point between these two that makes more sense. Maybe there's no right or wrong answer. But the question remains. What is a male's place in an increasingly "Women's World"?

Sara Keera

Anonymous said...

Ms Kathy,

I think the world is changing. There used to be a saying "it's a man's world". That saying became obsolete a long time ago. But then came a time when it was like no sex's world.

However, I think this second era is also becoming or already became obsolete.

The world, I would say, is now "a Woman's World". The interesting thing is not so much that You, a Femdom lifestyle Woman, can hold a meet-and-greet for only Women, with Female candidates and electors only and no males, except for one serving the Women. That's cool. But I think the real change is in the audience that attended the event. Whereas some decades ago there'd be no candidates, a few years ago still it would have been awkward because many of the Women would have wanted to take their menfolk too. But now it makes sense that politics can be a Female sport! And not just politics - more and more things are Female sports now - including being head of household.

A long time ago there was a "Femdom guru" on the internet called Elise Sutton. I'm sure many of Your readers knew Her. She used to talk a lot about the societal changes leading to Female Domination and I always thought it was all fantasy, and enjoyed the fantasy a lot but left it at that. I never thought She was right. But I now think what she talked about was very wise, because it's where society isn't just heading but is at right now. The USA is a Women's country in many ways, and it's even more so in Europe. It's happening in real life and even in culture, in movies and even in sports (with super HOT Female soccer players like Alex Morgan or Dominant actresses like Gal Gadot, who I'd say is quite openly Dominant!)

Ms. Kathy, I think for a submissive male, to be enrolled in a cooking class or a sewing class and told by a Dominant Female to serve in the meet and greet but not participate is a very exciting role reversal. I hate "oppression" and Femdom shouldn't be about oppressing men. But it SHOULD be about recognizing traditional gender role reversals, and that goes with things like who cooks, who cleans, and who is Head of Household and does politics. For me it's not about being oppressed or anything, it's about Women wearing the pants and boys being their beloved, pretty second sex. It's worth it to have Her sit in the head of the table and bake for Her in a secondary role, not as a "lesser human being" but yes as a "lesser sex". It's about the secondness in the "second sex" and the adoration of the sex I always thought Superior; the Female.


Anonymous said...

Ms Kathy,

Off topic. Is it normal for a Dominant Woman to date a much younger submissive? In Your opinion is there anything wrong with practicing this specifically as part of the Femdom lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said "You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear." She put the shell to her ear
and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I
had to tell someone!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes this blog seems like it's spying on my life.

On Tuesday, I was home doing chores while my wife was out socializing with some friends. She ended up wandering into a local Republican party election-watching event that was scheduled at the same restaurant. They've been courting her aggressively for the last few months, and actually elected her as a delegate to the state convention last year. She's amused, since they'd probably be horrified if they learned how she's voted for the last decade! But we're in the part of the country where elections are uncontested, so if you're involved in politics, you need to be connected to the party. At this point, she's a recognizable figure to the mayor and the party chair.

For most of the last week we've spent our evenings with my wife listening to politics podcasts online, while I'm washing dishes in the kitchen and folding laundry. So at this point she's becoming much better informed about issues than I am. It's a role reversal of the early arguments against women's suffrage, which supposedly would result in women getting so involved in politics that they wouldn't have enough time to keep house, forcing men to take over in the kitchen for them. (Fact check: True!)

When we first got married, I don't think "being more politically connected" was anywhere on our radar. It just happened naturally as a result of freeing up more of her time.

- E