Saturday, April 4, 2020

Good Afternoon

Here is to another day of isolation.

We talk to our neighbors from a distance. Not too close, not too far. At our home it is just John and I.
It is fairly easy to manage. At Becky's house there is her husband and the three children. Her job is secure and she is more busy than normal dealing with all of the customers. On the hand her husband was furloughs from his job. For what he does there is simply no need in the present circumstances.

Being busy with work Becky has put her husband in charge of the children. Every morning early, before the children wake, the two of them have a short meeting. In the meeting she briefly goes over his plans for the day-home work, house work, and misc. responsibilities.  The system works well she tells me. On most days he accomplishes more than she intended. The children are keeping up with their school work. Of course for the little one there is not much to do. In the beginning she was concerned with noise coming from the children that clients could hear on the phone. After doing this for a week or so she decided the noise didn't really matter in that everyone is more or less doing the same thing.

Once the children are put to bed she and her husband have a late evening cocktail. It is her favorite time of day she tells me. It also gives them another time to talk, catch up on the news, and think about things. 'We will get through this', she has told her husband on many occasions. When he tends to get nervous she has a way of calming him down. This is perhaps one of the reasons why she is such an effective mistress to her husband. She understands him, his needs, his hopes as well as his strengths and weaknesses. The though occurred to me that a true mistress is at their best when things are at their worst. And maybe, this is a line that should be repeated. Lets say it together; a true mistress is at her best when things are at their worst.

In these times of difficulty show confidence in the lady in your life. Show her that you are there for her. Show her your love, your devotion, and your caring.

Love you all,


Friday, April 3, 2020

Good Morning To All Of you..

Good morning my sweeties.

Yes, by the introduction most of you can tell that this posting is for the male readers of the blog. Over the last year or two the women have also been there, but they prefer to email rather than comment.

On the last posting I made the remark that there was nothing really to talk about. Upon reading the post John chimed in by saying it would be a good time to talk about commitment. His exact words were, 'mistress, you were going to talk commitment'. And yes, in the privacy of our home John  calls me mistress rather than Kathy. It took some time to become accustomed to the idea of being called by something other than my first name. In the beginning it bothered me, but really it is like him having something of a pet name for me. And again, yes, as I have no problem in thinking of myself as John's loving mistress as well as his wife.

In the privacy of our home and in fact most places my pet name for John is sweetie. It is a most appropriate name for him in that he is the sweetest man that I have ever met. When I want to be funny or when I want to make a point I call him slave or my little slave boy. Once, I accidently called him slave in front of our daughter, thought about it, and then decided that in front of her it was fine. She responded that same day by addressing her husband as slave boy in a very sweat tone of voice. He was embarrassed to say the least, but he quickly got over it. 

What I suspect is that most of you love it when your mistress wives address you as sweetie, slave or boy or by some other pet name. Am I correct?  What I also believe is that using the slave name reminds John that he is in fact my slave as well as my husband. He is not simply my submissive as most men are in femdom relationships he is my slave and my property and I love him all the more for being who he is.



Thursday, April 2, 2020

Love You All...

Good morning to all of you.

The simple truth is that I have nothing to really talk about this morning. Where john and I live it is a beautiful spring day, and we will go out walking. It is a good time to say hello to neighbors-at a distance- as most of them are also out. It is a time for us to thank the Lord for small favors; the sun shine, the beautiful flowers in the garden, and people whom we love. What I find is that thinking of these things lifts my spirits.

What I have also found is that the shut down has given us time to make contact with old friends whom we have been apart from. Several of us from Tara's old group have now gotten together for  chats on the internet. It is fun. Over the last couple of years we have all gone different ways. It has even been a while since our last Christmas function. Most of them are still with the same guy and are in some kind of an flr. These are the girls who all laughed together and at times who cried together. One of the good things we did on the chat is resolve to all get together after this is over. We also agreed that it would be a girl's party only with no men allowed except maybe one or two of them for service.

It is important to remember that difficult times can either separate us or bring us together. This is true with your children as well as your husband. For the men who read this blog remember to support your wives. Trust in the decisions they make. Trust in their leadership of the family. And, most important demonstrate to the children that you have full confidence in Her. And for the women who read this blog remember that he needs a mistress now more than ever. Femdom is not a face to be put on as if you are playing a game, it is a practical and rewarding way of life. It is a way of expressing love and commitment to that special person in your life. In your private time show him that you are still the mistress. Let him kneel before you. Remind him that his duty is to obey your rules in all matters, and he is to demonstrate that obedience to the rest of the family. He is the first mate, but you are the captain of the ship.

Love you all.


Monday, March 30, 2020

Love You All.

Good Morning To All Of You

The afternoon walk around our neighborhood seemed so strange. People were there, walking their dogs, and talking from a distance, but no cars on the street. It gave us an opportunity to briefly greet neighbors whom we seldom talk with and wish them well. What I have observed over the years is that stress can either separate a couple or bring them together. Sometimes the difference is simply a matter of attitude or a word, a kiss or an I love you at the appropriate time.

On the walk I could see that John was clearly stressed out in a way that is not good for a person of his age. 'My feet are hot and sweaty', I told him. At that moment I could see the glimmer of hope in his eyes. 'When we get home I have a job for my little slave boy', I added. From that moment on he couldn't wait to get home. The hope of foot service for mistress put new spring in his step. His entire body relaxed as his voice grew softer.



Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Love You All

Like everyone else John and I have been spending a great amount of time in our home. We are fortunate to have a nice back yard with a beautiful pool. In many ways we are very fortunate in that we are not dependent on paychecks for money to live on. Yet, dealing with the mental aspects of what is going on has been challenging.

People are almost always asking me for advice. The only thing I can say is to love the lady you are with. Trust in her judgment to lead each of your families through this crisis. Support her. Treat her with respect, and listen to her words. And, please remember that only second to love is your obedience to her. Yes, we want love, but we also want to know that you are there by our sides.

And, if you can brighten her world with flowers or poetry or a gentle kiss then do it. Take care of the children, change diapers, and help keep her home the way she likes it. And, if she allows take the time to kneel at her feet. One reader sent an email this morning that said kneeling at his wife's feet means the world to him. Please remember that I think of each of you as flowers in my garden who are growing in love and admiration for the lady in your life.



Friday, March 20, 2020

Conversations and Friends

Few things in this world go together so well as conversations and girl friends  The atmosphere in the hotel tended to put a damper on our girls trip-but it was still fun to be away for a few days. It was me along with two best friends from high school. We talked and voted. We decided it was time for a girl's trip. In the city we went to it was almost impossible not to trip over the parade of pretty young girls  attending bachelorette parties. My friends bought me one of those cute little vails so that we could pretend.

In one of our conversations a very attractive reporter walked by our table. She wanted to know how we were dealing with all the stress of the virus. 'A drink helps', my friend replied. But really we felt a little guilty about being out there. We didn't want to be contaminated, and we didn't want to give that nasty thing to anyone else. Then, one of the girls piped in with something like why are all the women you see on television so good looking. We were a little jealous of the reporter for both her looks and her age.

The comment made me thing about the femdom type stories that have come my way over the years.
Of course they are made for men, but why is it that the mistress is always so beautiful with the perfect figure. Then I thought about the women who worked at the studio. They were young, not really beautiful, but on the cute side. They were more like the average young women you tend to see on the street or work with in the office. The point is that it is not necessary to be beautiful to be a good mistress to a man.  It is more about personality. It is about confidence, self assurance, and a desire to help people. When you think about it the cruel mistress is not really that mean. After all, she is giving the guy-client, boyfriend or husband what he wants.

In the studio the girls mainly came from two local colleges. It was not exactly planned that way, but once Tara had a couple of students from a certain school they tended to recruit friends. She wanted young women who could honestly laugh at a man when taking him for a walk on a leash or dressing him in a tutu. Before my employment in the studio I had no idea what a tutu was. Yes, we often dressed men in little tutus and paraded them around the studio for female amusement. Tara wanted young women who could genuinely be amused by these sought of antics. The college girls were young and innocent enough that their laughs were not be forced. And yes, one of the things I learned was that men love to have women laugh at them.

My message to young wives who are playing femdom games with your guy-don't take it all too seriously. Have fun with him and treat your self to a good laugh at his expense.

Love you all for reading. Hope this post brings all of you a little job on these dark days.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Conversations Continued Once Again

I was not going to post this morning, but we will leaving for a trip early next week. Some of our neighbors mentioned that it was not a good time to travel, but you have to be some where.

Yesterday afternoon there was an email from a gentlemen residing in the United Kington. He wanted to remind me that it was approximately one hundred years ago that women were first allowed to vote in his country. He also mentioned that Churchill made some remarks about it. Churchill wondered if one day 'we would have women in Parliament, or may be even a female prime minister'.
He want on to quip that perhaps one day we will live in a nation ruled by women. Yes, the great Mr. Churchill may just have been a little ahead of his time, but perhaps right on target. My advice for all of you gentlemen is to tell yours sons to become accustomed to idea of woman bosses and female supervision. But, don't do in a negative way as it will constitute a vast improvement in their lives.
What I suspect is that most of todays young people will grow up in a world that is populated with women managers so that making the transition to female led home life will seem quite natural for them.

In my next posting-after this trip- it might be good to talk a little more about commitment.

Love you all for reading. Learn to be more appreciative of all the wonderful things your wives and girlfriends do for you. Bring them flowers, write poetry for them, and remember every day to say those especial words-I love you.


And yes, will one of you answer the question about Command Position for the gentlemen who asked.