Monday, June 17, 2019

Wash Day

Over the last year or so the morning coffee with Carol, our neighbor, has developed into an everyday tradition. On odd numbered days she usually comes to our home where by on even days the coffee is at her place. This morning was kind of a busy day for John in that the coffee time in our home got mixed up with his primary laundry day. This is not the first time for such a coincidence, but it is the first time for Carol to make an observation about John's household service.

In so many words Carol remarked that I am extremely fortunate to have a husband who is  helpful around the house. She went on to say that her husband could never be trusted to take care of her washing. He doesn't even understand the importance of separating darks from lights much more the concept of a gentle cycle for her more delicate things. 'Yes, my sweetie is a real peach', I responded with a coy smile. But, for some reason I decided to go a little further with my response. 'But, you know it is really about the training', I responded. With that remark I had Carol's attention.

Once the remark about training came out of my mouth it was too late to quit without telling her a little more abut our relationship. 'Well, you know, since John retired he does almost all of the housework' I told her. 'That's wonderful', Carol responded. What I started to say was that John enjoys serving me, but bit my tongue before the words came out of my mouth. Instead, I simply responded that John enjoys being helpful. 'He likes making me happy', I remarked with a bright smile. At that moment I decided to change the conversation. 'Honey', I called to John, 'come give
us a warm up'.

Laying his folding down for a moment John quickly came into the breakfast area, picked up the pot, brought it over, and refilled our cups. What attracted Carol's attention was the quickness of his service, his smile, and his pleasantness with doing this simple task. 'Yes, I see what you mean', Carol responded. We went on to gossip about the other neighbors, but John was in seventh heaven.
Reflecting on this little incident made me think of Thomas's book, Dancing Backwards. One of the things he gets right in the book is that submissive men take a great pleasure in serving their mistresses.

I will also add that Part 3 of the book was a great story. While I don't usually care for thee femdom books this was an exception.  As John told me back in January it is over the top in many ways, but he had a good time picking out the truisms in the book.

Love you all for reading.  Love you for sharing. Love you even more for being good and faithful husbands or boyfriends to the lady in your life. My advice is to respect her as a mistress, but love her as a wife.



Anonymous said...

"He doesn't even understand the importance of separating darks from lights much more the concept of a gentle cycle for her more delicate things."

That reminds me of an ex-girlfriend of mine years ago. One weekend she was going to visit relatives and she asked if I could wash some of her clothes while she was away.

I found that I could save a lot of time by putting them all in the washing machine together, so I threw everything in and selected a long program to make sure they would be thoroughly washed. I then spin-dried them, hung the larger items in the closet and put the smaller ones in her drawer.

After she got back, she opened the drawer and said: "I can't find my white panties, what did you do with them?“ I said "When I emptied the washing machine I didn't see any white panties. I did find a few pairs of pink ones though, I put them in the drawer."

I was somewhat surprised at the vehemence of her reaction. She wasn‘t into spanking: if she had been, I don‘t think I would have been sitting down for the next few days!


Tiptease said...

Thank you Kathy, for this wonderful post and your great advice at the end.

It is a joy to read about your live and how you are in control.

Love you for being you :-)