Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Morning

The last posting was meant to be kind of fun. One of the sometimes problems with this blog is it takes some things too seriously. As long as it doesn't bother a wife having a guy wear panties or pretty little outfits can be a fun thing to do. If he had his way John would go panty shopping every week. Yes, he is embarrassed, humiliated and such to be in the plus size shop, but he loves the feeling of excitement that comes with it. And yes, while I can't explain it, the feeling of embarrassment is a part of his pleasure.

Working in the studio I quickly learned that guys love to be shown off in their prettiest underwear. It was fun to take them around the studio and have them show their panties to whatever female might be available at the moment. From a practical standpoint keeping your guy in panties helps to control his weight and encourages exercise. It has been about a year since one of my 'special' girl friends had a get together. Her husband served the group. She asked if John might be available to lend a hand. Helping to serve lunch and wine for a half dozen women is a 'dream' activity for a submissive man, and I knew that John would be delighted with the prospect.

Men take pride in their appearance. This is even more so when they know that women will be looking at their bare bodies. Prior to the time of John's visits with the dominatrix he had been slowly gaining weight. Tara gave him the nick name of 'jellybean' and we went on a diet. During the years of serving Tara he managed to louse most of the weight he had previously gained. At the time I was pleased with his exercise and weight loss program. Of course I had no idea what motivated him. A part of John's supervision is a weekly weigh in.

As simple and lame as it may sound but keeping a man in panties will often motivate him to keep his body in shape

Love you for reading.



Noble Ideal said...


Thanks for your "fun" posts. They speak directly to me. I am regular reader, despite not being in a long-term relationship. While that is where I am headed, in the mean time I have been fortunate to be part of a community where I have opportunities to serve at social events -- Teas, mostly -- for dominant women.

Here I also have the pleasure of indulging in cross-dressing. Panties are certainly part of that pleasure, but I have gone much further -- a wig, skirts or dresses, heels, even learning the art of make-up. My feminine self is closely connected with my submissive self, and I love to dress for the pleasure of the women I am serving. Nothing thrills me more than a compliment on my appearance. I love to be eye candy!

Noble Ideal

Anonymous said...

Ms. Kathy,

I was deeply worried you might just end the blog! I am so happy to see you back! I really hope NOBODY just does what they did to you.

I would love to talk about the post itself but I just feel too hurt about that stupid person who made that book out of your blog to even think of anything else. Sorry.


ALL HERS said...

As I commented in your prior post, my wife enjoys having me do all of the housework while wearing see thru baby doll nighties. And panties 24/7. She knows the feminine lingerie makes me feel even more submissive, and she always comments on how I clean the house, iron her clothes and pamper her so much better when I am in lingerie. She has often said she may buy me a dress to wear and heels, that would be wonderful.

Penney said...

I think you have that exactly correct Ms Kathy. My wife keeps me in panties full time, but I have never been shown off. I would love it if I were! However, when I stand in front of the mirror in my panties each morning I have a strong motivation to be better with my diet. Penney

Anonymous said...

Mistress Kathy
The Mistress/Wife and I sense a certain joy in your last two post. You are a resilient women who may get knocked down on occasion but you do not stay down for

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ms. Kathy,

I miss you so much!


richard s said...

Same here. Hoping you are okay.

richard s.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Kathy
So glad your are still blogging. As I submissive husband who was already wearing a cb, it was a short hop to wearing panties. It's funny but I do have a couple of men's briefs that are only supposed to be on when I have doctor appointments or when I wear shorts. I was thinking the other day of how things changed for me. Now I follow a strict healthy diiet and daily schedule. Nobody knows I wear a cb or panties but my wife but she likes that I do and I agree.