Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dancing Backwards

Yes, I just the other day received an email from Thomas Lavelle.

For those of you who do not remember he was the author of the original novel by the name of
Dancing Backwards. He has now completed a three book series by the same name.

Several months ago we had  very good discussion related to another book. It is my hope that a few of you will read the series and advice me on whether this might be a good book for us to talk about on the blog.

The criteria I use.

Must be about femdom.
It must make you think about the lifestyle.
It must not all be about sex. A little about sex is ok.
Very little about spanking.
It must be interesting and fun to read.

Please let me know.

Love, Kathy


Sally Bend said...

Good afternoon, Mistress Kathy.

I have Thomas to thank for introducing me to your blog. I very much look forward to reading your thoughts and contributing to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

I'm half-way through the book now and enjoying it very much.

I think it would make a great book for discussion.


Anonymous said...

Ms Kathy,

I wanna make something clear. I'm very fond of Thomas LaValle's book, one you enjoyed a lot (at the time I couldn't read it because I was broke - but I read ABOUT it a lot on the blog). I think it's an awesome idea. I LOVE the idea of "Dancing Backwards", both of the book and just of a Female leading the dance.

When I was in college there was a BEAUTIFUL red-headed Mistress in the American community which I was "adopted" into. In any case, She was quite Dominant, although I don't know if She knew about Femdom or thought of it that way. I was HUGELY into Her and one time She took me out to dance. She moved me because I told Her I didn't know how to dance and since She was an actress and other things She really knew how to do it well. I had so much fun being dominated even if in such a subtle way by Her! Unfortunately, She wasn't into me any further than that. She's now married, but She's still too gorgeous not to think about (not my fault, ask God why She's that gorgeous!)

Anyway, I wanted to say all that in light of my previous comment. I didn't mean to say anything negative about Dancing Backwards and sure, it'd be a nice thing to have it on the blog again.

But my comment was made REGARDLESS of Dancing Backwards. My comment was that I would like to see featured some books by Female Authoresses. The reason is not personal at all, it's just that what interests me most is the Female perspective of Femdom.


tiptease said...

Dear Kathy,

Just bought the book, will let you know when I have read it.

Love Tiptease