Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Morning Thoughts............

A quick look at the number of dots connected to this post as well as my work schedule tells me that is time to bring this series to a conclusion. The comments, the emails have all been wonderful. You have all been sweethearts. It takes courage to share. It is time for femdom to come out of the shadows into the mainstream of western culture. It is my hope that in some small way the blog helps promote understanding of this evolving way of living and loving.

While the comments have been great there was one that stayed with me in a special way. In his comment of May 5th James captures so much of the beauty and love associated with femdom relationships. In truth he captures the essence of what is commonly called loving femdom authority.
It is my hope that everyone goes back to read it again and again.

A man gives up control, but gains freedom, James writes. By giving up control men are liberated to follow the dictates of their heart. Whatever woman says that men have no sense of romance or passion needs to read this comment and talk about it with her friends. Then James says that he had no idea that he wanted to bee tamed, trained, and even lovingly enslaved until meeting his wife to be.
What I have always believed is that a strong, confident woman who is willing to take on the responsibilities of leadership can make a man into a better version of himself. (A happier version more content with life, and more connected to his wife and family.) This is the potential gift of femdom to the world. Men want it, but women continue to resist.

In modern society we need to redefine the meaning of the word slave as to include a male who is owned body and soul by a woman who loves him. There should be no higher calling for a man than to be tamed, trained, and lovingly enslaved by a woman. Many happy years breed the conditions for absolute respect and absolute control and trust that are essential for a femdom relationship, James writes. And yes, it is my belief that what James is saying is the truth. In femdom you can't go from A to Z in a few days. It often takes years of work and sacrifice. Women think femdom is only for the benefit of the men, but there are deep satisfactions that come with these relationships.

We want to connect with our men. We want them there as our soul mates. We love to be touched by them. We want them to touch us both physically and spiritually. We want them there for us when the rest of the world is going crazy. And yes, we want their support because even as strong women we need the hand of a loving man by our side. And just as men trust us to do what is best for them we know that they are there for us in our time of need. A loving submissive husband devoted to his wife and family is a treasure.

And, James thank you for being my hero this day. It is my hope that nothing here should embarrass you in the least way.  A big kiss to all of you and especially to those who were kind enough to share.

Love you all,



Anonymous said...

Times are changing, look around. Dating is not meaning Sex, it has finally brought more meaning. Communication is happening, which is long overdue. My wife and I dated for a good year, we wanted to know one another. I learned women know more about you than you think. We both knew she was the one who would run the household.
We both have faults, we accept them. When we finally got down to our deepest secret, desires, I was in shock, she knew, I thought she had ESP, but she had found my stash of magazines on spanking. Did not surprise her, but once we were married it would be a part of our lives, I agreed. We were married three months later, and our honeymoon was on the beach, nice beach house, somewhat secluded. It was near the end of the honeymoon that one morning at breakfast she said one last thing to do to cement our marriage. She showed me a hairbrush she had hidden on her lap and her voice changed to a stern voice. I was told off with the pajamas and get over her lap, I smiled and did as told. When she was done, I was not smiling, I was rubbing, dancing around, it hurts I said, good she said. There will be many more she said and you best do as told or it will be worse. We went home the next day, she drove, I could not sit still, my bottom was still hurting from the spanking. Yes I accepted, and Yes I feel it is the right choice, and most of all my wife like most women run a better household and most of all know that their husbands from time to time need a Mother gladly put them over their laps and address the problem. Stan

Anonymous said...

Standing before my wife, pleading, promising not to do it again, knowing it is falling on deaf ears, I also feel strongly that she loves me. Once the spanking is over and I get off her lap, my bottom is hurting, I know that I have hurt her by my actions and so the spanking was necessary. Once my time facing the wall is over, I know that I must wear my pajamas for the rest of the day, no matter the time of the day, part of my punishment. This male is so very lucky to find such a woman, I living the good life. Marcus

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whatever one thinks of the LGBTQ, it is difficult not to respect the solidarity they seem to have for each other. This solidarity means some level of individual sacrifice for the good of the whole group. There is much peer pressure to come out even if it puts the individual in danger. Older LGBTQ are to be treated with a special respect because they helped fight for gains that younger LGBTQ enjoy. Because of this solidarity, their opponents often underestimate them.

This dynamic in a strange way emulates patriotism. At its core patriotism is collectivist, not individualistic and wars cannot be won unless there is an instinctive solidarity for one another, unless people see themselves as part of something much larger than themselves and are willing to die to have their own nation.

The femdom movement, in contrast, places much more primacy on the individual, and it seems that whenever the going gets tough, they tend to run for the hills, being too worried about their bank accounts and high paying jobs to make any real progress. Perhaps the femdom movement could learn something from the LGBTQ.


John Dalton said...

Hello Kathy. I was just re-reading your last post and had a thought about one of your comments. You said" Men want it, but women continue to resist". Of course you were addressing the mystery of why Femdom or the desire to live in a FLR seems so unacceptable to most women. I know that it is not the "norm" and is rarely a type of relationship that most women desire. I can certainly understand this if the male approaches the woman with a box of kinky fantasies looking to fulfill his needs ....... But, what if the mans desire to live in a FLR is sincere and he remains the strong man she fell in love with . Why do women still " continue to resist ". I know there are many reasons but I wonder if the woman's desire to be pursued is more important that her desire to be empowered? In a traditional relationship conflict seems to be the very basis of the relationship. Neither party is willing to surrender so there is a constant struggle that usually involves the man being in a state of "chase" to gain her acceptance. In a FLR, the chase ends when a man surrenders to his wife. He agrees to love and obey her for the rest of his life. The conflict is over.... no more drama.... sometimes I believe this is why so many men desire to be in a FLR. They find peace in the surrender.

Hope your week is good.

Kathy said...

For John,

Thank you sweetie for the comment. I am not really sure of the answer. For one thing femdom does have a sexual component for men that is simply not there for women. Also, men who claim to be submissive often are very demanding of women. Men want their limits pushed. They want women to do things that they may not be comfortable with. And, keep in mind that the idea of a bossy, controlling woman is not the image that most women want for themselves. Once a relationship reaches what I call 'escape velocity' where the wife is really in control, many of these factors change. Once a wife is firm with her guy. Once he reaches the conclusion that she is really in control of his life his behavior tends to change for the better. At that point men develop an honest fear of the woman in their life. They understand that the wife is not to be trifled with because her authority is real and so are her punishments. When the decision was made to open up with our children, I could see genuine apprehension in John. He was nervous, he was fearful, but he trusted my judgment as only a truly loving man can do.

Once you get to the point of making it real there is a feeling of empowerment. What I do appreciate is John willingness to please me. Is a sense this is the same as being pursued. Of course, we are older, and sexual aspects of a relationship are more important for a younger couple. What I am trying to say is that empowerment and a woman's desire to be pursued are not mutually exclusive.

Sweetheart, this may not be the best answer, but for now it is all I can do.

Love, Kathy